About Us

Acts One Group Inc is an investment holding company that passionately invest and work with businesses that will change the status quo to create a safer and smarter way of living to benefit both the people and the environment creating a sense of “Oneness” between society and the environment. Acts One Group Inc was founded on the principal and philosophy that we can create a better way of life and a global sense of fellowship between passionate individuals. Acts One Group Inc has since secured successful international relations with businesses that offer unique investment opportunities to enhance global wellbeing.

Investment solutions

Acts One Group strives to be the avenue for business investments and development of extraordinary solutions. We align ourselves with businesses that provide innovative solutions to global problems and, with our years of collective skills and experiences in private equity management, investment growths and acquisitions, we help those business reach their full potential and to create a connected world.

Wealth growth

Our team of experienced staff helps nurture and enhance business investments to ensure they reach their maximum capabilities whilst identifying profitable business opportunities in the industry that will benefit the world for our future generation. Using best corporate practice, we help facilitate the decision making process to foster strategic financial and business growth.


We are one and the same as we are all connected in this world. Acts One’s mission is to honour the “Oneness” of society and the environment through visionary leadership in all business fields. Our goal is to transform the industry through promoting positive environmental business opportunities that will benefit the greater good.


Act One’s vision is to protect the environment for future generations and paving the way for the new age of workplaces to share our philosophy of “Oneness” internationally and change the social values of society.

Core Values


To maintain the balance of our environment and society


Of the way we interact with one another and our world


Create a journey of discovery for each individual


Establish a conscious connection of our impacts on the world


To help create a positive resource impact for the world


To control the way our business activities affect the world

Our Team

Our teams of passionate and business driven talents enjoy enhancing and supporting various investors and business companies to meet their goals in business and financial growth.

Serena Chiam

Chairman & Founder of Acts One Group

Adrriene Tan

Managing Director

Wayne Tan

Project Director

Kiefer Cher

Marketing Director

Alvin Yap

Business Development Director

Our Group

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